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We will be posting, on a regular basses, all things creative in the Digital World to this blog so please stop by often.

Some of the subject matter will be about Web Design, Graphic Art, Video and Photography and many other things in between.

Reinventing Myself Through Graphic Design

“Reinventing Myself Through Graphic Design” is a blog post by John Tarr about how he had to change careers later in his life and go back to school and get a degree in graphic arts. His graphic design skills now help him design newsletters and logo’s but also websites for companies, churches, nonprofits and different organizations.

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What Does This Image Invoke in You?

“What Does This Image Invoke in You?” Is a Memorial Day photography story about a beautiful but intensely sad photograph by John Tarr of Best Website Solutions. The image itself was taken at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery at Point Loma in San Diego. The photograph is a high dynamic range (HDR) that is very colorful.

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8 Benefits of Blogging From Your Business Website

“8 Benefits of Blogging From Your Business Website” is a blog of tips. Blogging for the health of your company is important. Blogging From Your Business Website is a good marketing strategy. New Blog Post Brings Freshness To Your Website. Read why these tips will help your blog help your website rank much higher.

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SSL Certificate A BIG Deal for Websites?

SSL Certificate A BIG Deal for Websites? Sometimes things come down from up on high and we either ignore it or do not really think it’s a BIG deal or important. This issue of a SSL Certificate is BIG and getting bigger every day. SSL certificates were once used to...

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Family History Cell Phone Style

Family History Cell Phone Style. I love that little gadget in my pocket called a cell phone. The built-in camera takes some remarkable images in the hands of a trained eye. Lightweight and always ready it is. This little guy does just fine thank you very much. I also love the fact that I can still down load the images to my exterior hard drive and use Photoshop on them.

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